We ask our human friends to vote for politicians that care about us, animals of NYC.

Please, vote for politicians that care about us (VIDEOS).

Today is a very important day in New York City. Today are the primary elections.

We, Canada Geese, horses and other animals can not vote. We ask our human friends to vote for politicians that care about us, animals of NYC.

We ask our human friends to vote for politicians that care about us, animals of NYC.
Vote for them. They are our friends!

Vote for Bill de Blasio for NYC Mayor. He is our friend!

Vote for Letitia “Tish” James for Public Advocate and Eric Adams for Brooklyn Borough President. They are our friends!

Vote for Yetta G. Kurland, Carlos Menchaca and Helen Rosenthal for City Council. They are our friends, too!

“London, Paris, Las Vegas, Toronto and Beijing — New York City’s chief rivals for tourism — have all banned horse-drawn carriages in recent years, and with good reason. Our city’s carriage horses work strenuous hours throughout the week and unlike the horses that plied the park a hundred years ago, today’s horses travel on hard asphalt roads that wear down and damage their feet (ironically, many runners prefer the park’s “bridle path” to avoid this problem themselves).”_Bill de Blasio

“It is tragic that 400 Canada geese were killed in Brooklyn’s historic Prospect Park. This extreme action appears to be a belated response to last year’s Delta crash into the Hudson River caused by migratory birds that entered the plane’s engines. Prospect Park’s birds lived permanently in the park, and my office has heard from constituents that believe they were not a threat to the region’s air safety, but merely sacrificed as scapegoats. Also, the fact that the killing of these birds took place without prior community or local-elected official notification is an indication that this plan was not well-developed.”_Letitia “Tish” James

“When the slaughter of innocent geese and goslings occurred in July of last year, I was both horrified and angered. I was dismayed by the manner in which these majestic creatures were killed. I am pleased to be in attendance at today’s ‘Hands Around the Lake’ event to send a clear signal to those responsible for last year’s massacre that the annihilation of innocent and defenseless wildlife will not be tolerated. It’s arrogant for humans to believe this planet was made just for humans,” Adams said, prompting a spirited, “that’s right!” and “yes!” from the crowd. “These birds give us more than what we give them; we have an obligation and a responsibility to protect them.”_Eric Adams

“Too often animal welfare is overlooked in New York City politics, and that is certainly been the case with Canada geese living in our city’s parks and along our rivers. Air safety is a serious issue, and we need to find practical long term solutions to this problem that don’t include killing our wildlife. The current approach is not only inhumane but it doesn’t solve the problem.”_Yetta Kurland

“They often say you should stop and smell the roses, but I say you should always stop and marvel at the wildlife that exists in this concrete jungle and how we are already co-existing. Our job as humans is to make it easier, for geese, for wild turkeys, for oyster beds and beyond. That’s going to be my commitment. We can do it together, no matter where or who you are, what language you speak or where you live.”_Carlos Menchaca

“Canada geese are part of our city’s urban habitat, and the approach being taken to remove them is wrong, especially when more effective and compassionate options are available. New Yorkers love, appreciate, and respect our city’s great urban wildlife, a habitat we should be protecting, not exterminating.”_Helen Rosenthal

Read the full statements of Yetta, Carlos and Helen on GooseWatch NYC.

Letitia “Tish” James

Yetta Kurland

Carlos Menchaca

Helen Rosenthal

Find your polling location here. Make sure you know where to vote.
Make sure your friends know where to vote, too.

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