Beautiful Swan in New York City.

Thanks for voting for our friends. We still need your help!

Updated today, 9/13/2013, to include John Mancuso, Helen Rosenthal and statements from David Karopkin, Allie Feldman and John Phillips.

Thanks to our human friends for voting for public servants that care about us, animals of New York City. We still need your help. Help elect more of our friends!

We, Canada Geese, horses and other animals can not vote. We ask our human friends to vote for politicians that not only care about humans, but also about us, animals of NYC. We are part of this concrete jungle. We give life to parks, lakes and rivers. We can coexist!

Beautiful Swan in New York City.
A beautiful Swan in NYC.

Letitia “Tish” James did not get more than 40% of the votes and she needs your help. Donate to Letitia James 2013 Run Off and vote for her on October 1st.

Letitia "Tish" James for Public Advocate.
Letitia “Tish” James for Public Advocate. We need her!
Vote for “Tish” for Public Advocate on October 1, 2013.

John Mancuso won his primary on Staten Island, he will face a challenge in the general election on November 5, 2013.

“Last month, as you may know, nearly 100 turkeys living on Staten Island were killed by USDA Wildlife Services. John immediately organized a rally which galvanized the community, and he has continued to assist our efforts to prevent further unnecessary slaughter of the remaining turkeys,” says David Karopkin, Founder of GooseWatch NYC.

GooseWatch NYC commends City Council candidate John Mancuso in standing up for Staten Island’s turkeys and they urge you to vote for him.

John Mancuso for City Council 2013.
Vote for John Mancuso for City Council on 11/5/2013.
Photo courtesy of John Mancuso.

Helen Rosenthal won the New York City primary elections. Vote for her on November 5, 2013 (General Election in NYC).

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to stand as your Democratic nominee this November—it’s an honor and is only possible because of our broad group of supporters.

With the Primary completed, we look to come together and focus on addressing issues: overcrowding in and funding for our public schools, the need for more affordable housing, protecting the environment, and providing help to people in need. I’m eager to start tackling these issues right away as we move forward together. If you would like to contribute to our conversation, please feel free to email me at

I am honored to be the Democratic nominee with the possibility of following in the foot steps of Ronnie Eldridge and Gale Brewer, and will do my best to live up to the high standards Upper West Siders’ have come to expect from their City Councilwoman.”_Helen Rosenthal

Helen Rosenthal for 6th Council District.
Vote for Helen Rosenthal for 6th Council District on 11/5/2013.
Photo courtesy of Helen Rosenthal.

Carlos Menchaca won. Congratulations!

Carlos Menchaca won the Democratic nomination for the District 38 City Council seat Tuesday, beating out Sara Gonzalez, who has held the office for more than a decade.

Gonzalez, the district’s incumbent who was first elected in 2002, garnered only 42.4 percent of votes in the district that includes Red Hook, Sunset Park, Windsor Terrace, Greenwood Heights and Bay Ridge Towers. Read the full article here.

Carlos Menchaca. City Council. 38th District.
Vote for Carlos Menchaca on 11/5/2013. City Council. 38th District.
“Together we inspired the hearts and minds of a community who said YES to bold and progressive leadership. WE DID IT! THANK YOU to all the fearless VOLUNTEERS, bold UNIONS, visionary ORGANIZATIONS!”_Carlos Menchaca

Yetta G. kurland did not win. We, animals of NYC love her!

“I am proud and honored to have worked with you to make the 3rd City Council District the best it can be and look forward to continuing our work to build our community.” – Yetta G. Kurland.

Yetta G. Kurland
We, animals of NYC love Yetta!

Former NYPD captain and New York State Senator Eric Adams remains the main contender for Brooklyn Borough President.

Eric Adams.
Eric Adams at a rally in support of NYC Canada geese in 2011.
Vote for Eric Adams on 11/5/2013.

Bill de Blasio got a little more than 40% of the votes.

According to early exit polls, de Blasio won across the board, equaling or besting his opponents among black voters, female voters, gay voters, voters who wanted a change, and even voters who approved of the way Bloomberg governed Gotham over the last 12 years.

He promised a decisive break from Mayor Bloomberg—and that’s what New Yorkers voted for Tuesday night, handing Bill de Blasio about 40 percent in the Democratic primary, reports David Freedlander. Read the full article here.

Bill de Blasio and his family. “New York City Democratic Mayoral hopeful Bill De Blasio embraces his son Dante, left, daughter Chiara, second from left, and wife Chirlane, right, after addressing supporters at his election headquarters after polls closed in the city’s primary election on Sept. 11, 2013, in New York.”(Kathy Willens/AP)
(Vote for Bill de Blasio on 11/5/2013.)

“I believe we finally have a real opportunity to make things better for NYC’s animals, but we must keep working hard. Above all these victories were only possible because of the collective contributions by many dedicated activists, and I hope we can continue to work together and create change,” says David Karopkin, Founder and Director of GooseWatch NYC.

NYCLASS’s Allie Feldman, attributed the results of the primary elections to the political activism of animal activists. “We called voters, we knocked on doors, we donated, we showed up at rallies, we talked to our friends and neighbors,” she said.

John Phillips, former Executive Director of the NY League of Humane Voters says “animal advocates in NYC will never be looked at the same way again. We care about animals, we vote, and we win.”

We, Animals of NYC are very grateful for your help!

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